Our Rooms

Our Mini Movers room is a bright airy, newly refurbished area for children aged 0 – 2 years.

We offer a range of stimulating experiences to allow the babies the opportunity to grow and thrive and explore their surroundings and develop relationships in a safe secure environment.

The staff implement the Pre Birth To Three Curriculum within the baby room daily. Setting out stimulating activities for both structured play and free play experiences. The staff have a strong heuristic focus and the children enjoy a vast range of sensory play.

The children enjoy daily outdoor play and walks. This allows the children to explore and play in a safe, well maintained outdoor space. 

In our Baby Room we have excellent staff whose priority is to follow the home routine of each baby as closely as possible. Come and see for yourself!



Our Delightful Developers room is for children aged 2-3. 

In this Room children are cared for under the supervision of experienced staff (Staff Ratio 1:5).  Our Toddler Room provides a structured day with a much greater choice of learning opportunities including arts and crafts, construction activities, table top games and much more. We will also introduce early numeracy and literacy skills and activities designed to develop your child’s communication skills.


Each day children spend time outside in our play areas. Your child’s day is recorded for you to take home so you will know what they have been learning at nursery.


Our Little Learners room is for our children aged 3-5 years.

In this Room children will follow the Curriculum for Excellence (Staff Ratio 1:8). Your child will progress to the 3-5s Room at around 3 years old.
We pride ourselves on ensuring that when children leave the nursery to move on to school they do so confidently and independently, whilst taking with them the enjoyment of learning and a pride in their achievements. We strive for your child to be able to have the following skills when leaving the nursery: recognising and writing their own name, demonstrating good observational skills, showing preliminary reading skills, able to confidently control a pencil, showing creative skills and knowledge of numbers.